This year we were again present at Socrates Chile with Nisum Latam, an Open Space event where all attendees can be speakers, that brings together professionals from the IT industry who want to improve professionally and personally.

An OpenSpace is a conference where attendees decide what they want to talk about, who they want to hear and at what time. This event does not seek to generate unidirectional communication with the traditional speaker-audience format, but to create conversations and discussions among peers.

And like previous years, Socrates brought together software development professionals, passionate about learning and improving on a personal and professional level, with more than 150 attendants who arrived at Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center of Universidad Católica.

With topics ranging from technical, such as React JS + Redux, to conversations about what is and how to make a good CV, participants were divided into work tables located in different rooms of the Innovation Center between 10:30 and until 6:00 in the afternoon. 

Check out some of the photos below.