Under the slogan "We all have something to say", the day began with Sebastian Brant’s words, Division Manager SFI, and continued with a series of exhibitions on diverse topics as: Systems Design (Deisy Quezada), Worker’s Happiness (Michael Gutierrez) Tips and best practices for mailings (Bryan Miles) Commercial ABC for entrepreneurs (Andrea Toro) IT Trends 2015 (Matías Fuentes) and Web Trends 2015-2016 (Camila Montenegro), among others.

The event also counted with the special participation of Christian Moselle, Deputy Manager of Innovation at Colbun SA, who commented on the challenges and projects within his company, facing the new energy scenarios Chile is reaching and the worldwide markets for power generators.

In the “Update Day 2015” we shared a serie of inspiring talks, facing the daily challenges that arise as a target, and having in mind a continuous improvement, as well as generating a collaborative culture within the company.