Just stop a moment and think about what we can do from our cell phone, surely the amount of activities makes you find the statement that "we have the office in our hands”; from anywhere we can plan meetings and prepare market studies to manage jobs, store documents or manage the accounts of the company, among other tasks.

This is why mobile applications have become useful tools for SME and entrepreneurs in general can keep track of numerous efforts through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; even allowing them to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

"For an entrepreneur, to have applications that allow him control various aspects of his business without having to be physically present, can be a great advantage to compete. Moreover, there are numerous applications that manage comprehensively the daily work of any company also to improve communication with customers and suppliers and be informed of any last minute incident" said a while ago Anibal Gonda, GeneXus Technology Evangelist.

So, with the continued emergence of new SME and entrepreneurs in recent years, it is not surprising the development, emergence and adoption of new Mobile Apps by this important sector of the economy, opening the door to new challenges in managing business remotely.

"It is important that SMEs understand that enable mobile applications give your company an optimization by reducing time and costs, leading to improved overall productivity, thanks to the abundance of these tools in the digital marketplace, these apps can be bought easily by SMEs and they’ll provide firsthand work instruments to apply practical, simple and agile processes", concludes Gonda.