Each day the number of people who can afford to buy a smartphone grows, prices fall and supply increases in giant steps. Thus, cell phones have become the new computer, and are entrusted with paying bills, paperwork, important data identity mail, images and all types of information.

Given this situation, it is necessary to have a protection for mobile phones. It is no longer an option, it is vital. Just as computers, cellphones are vulnerable to malware attacks. Malware aims to exploit weaknesses in wireless communication through Wi-Fi, SMS networks and also through browsers or operating systems.

That why here we give you a series of simple security measures to be protected against mobile malware:

1. Avoid "hacking" your smartphone to download applications from other operating systems or change your mobile phone company.

2. Try not to open email attachments on your phone, since they may contain malware.

3. Avoid entering links sent by SMS. They can contain links to websites with viruses.

4. Before downloading any application, review the system resources it requires. In addition, perform application updates to avoid vulnerabilities.

5. While browsing the Internet from your phone, apply all the same security measures you do on your computer.

6. Turn off the Bluetooth function when not in use. Anyone can easily spy on your activity in the phone calls made and text messages you send.

7. Lock the phone and activate the remote wipe. Clearing the memory will not let others access the personal information on your phone. Also, make sure to back up data.

8. Install an anti-malware software.