After the ads were part of his last speech in May 21th, last January 18th, Mrs. President Michelle Bachelet announced she was going to send the project for the creation of the Ministry of Science and Technology by the end of this semester.

""We committed ourselves as a nation, we ask an advisory committee to give us a viable proposal, we have studied the reports and may move in this direction," said the Governor.

Regarding times, Bachelet stated that "we will send by the end of this semester a project to create a Ministry of Science and Technology" which she hopes will be adopted as soon as possible "so that next year when the budget discussions starts, we can have a ministry functioning ".

The authority recognizes that it is necessary to work in a plan "oriented to strengthening management capabilities and planning of the Conicyt, and to count in the shortest time with more modern, flexible and efficient instruments for the promotion of scientific research and technological development".

Objetives of the new ministry:

- Strengthen and expand the capabilities of research, development, innovation and technology.

- Guide and support the training of researchers.

- Ensure proper insertion of researchers in the system.

- Linking so ever closer technological scientific work with the concerns of society.