From Casapiedra, last Tuesday October 8th, Club de Innovación, Hub that promotes corporate innovation in Chile, hosted a new version of its business meeting “CEO Meeting 2019”.

The event brought together more than two hundred leaders of the main companies and institutions that seek to innovate in Chile, allowing them to learn from the experience of leaders and counterparts of important and innovative corporations. 

This year's central was the challenges and opportunities produced by open innovation and corporate venturing, which are achieved through mutual and constant collaboration between large companies and startups. These trends also allow to strengthen the existing capacities and knowledge in the ecosystem, and build new ways of doing business.

In order to address real cases, including successful strategies as well as the main obstacles of incorporating this model into corporate innovation, the CEO Meeting of Club de Innovación had national and international guests who shared their experiences leading projects in Nisum, Unilever, Walmart Chile and Digevo.

From the United States, Imtiaz Mohammady, our CEO and founder of Nisum, visited Chile to share his journey into corporate venture. During his presentation, he was clear to diagnose that “we work in a highly saturated market, therefore evolution and innovation are not an option, they are a necessary change! Innovation is the center, and the organization has the challenge of systematically generating new ideas that have an impact on the center of our business. ”

To correctly promote innovation, Imtiaz identified three factors that in his opinion are especially importance; “First, we need a culture that promotes innovation; Second, an adequate infrastructure to establish correct processes that encourage experimentation, exploration and acceptance of error; and, finally, to be really inserted in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem ”.

He also recommended that attendees "invest for the future", creating a solid foundation that allows them to take risks and generate controlled growth. This investment, he said, can be achieved by investing in what we know, adding new capabilities, and staying in constant development; experimenting, adapting and learning from failures.”

During the CEO Meeting of the Innovation Club, Sajid Mohamedy, Nisum's Business EVP Nisum also participated, telling the audience how Nisum has invested heavily in the Chilean market, through two specific cases. 

"Globally, Nisum is investing from a hybrid approach to corporate venture, internally and externally, through the development of products and platforms, and investing in startups and in the ecosystem."

"In Chile we are specifically doing both, we created the Blockchain Lab, which is our main laboratory for the world, investing very strategically in the market in advanced technologies such as Blockchain."

"Likewise, one of the examples of startups in which we have invested is NoiseGrasp, a marketing analysis platform, founded in Chile, which had the collaboration of the Mathematical Modeling Center of the Universidad de Chile, and in which we have been working to expand it to the United States."

The CEO Meeting of the Innovation Club had a large group of Nisum assistants, who supported the importance of having spaces that encourage conversation and reflection on innovation.

"Chile is taking great steps, but it also has its challenges and complexities, so spaces like this, of conversation and reflection, are fundamental to generate changes and quantitative leaps that allow us to grow," said Martin Lewit, general manager of Nisum Latin America.