¡Ki Teknology has another reason to celebrate! Monica Retamal, director of the company, was highlighted at the seminar "Exporting services: talent, creativity and knowledge to the world," organized by organized by the Ministry of Hacienda, the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS) and Sofofa.

The director of Ki was the only woman that received this recognition in the context of her outstanding career, being considered as one of the leading exporters of services that have contributed to the development of the country during the last years. "When I got to that stage with all of them, I was touched by being the only woman in the group. I felt the need to tell all Chilean women that I was representing them", she said. Moreover, "this award is not my reward is your reward, is a prize for Ki Teknology for all the effort made in this 20 years", added Mónica.

Along with Mónica Retamal, they were also awarded other enterprises, like Elemental, dedicated to projects of public interest and social impact; and Punk Robot, an animation studio formed by animators, designers, filmmakers and artists, creators of the Chilean film "Story of a bear" which won an Oscar this year.

The event was attended by the Ministers of Finance and Culture, Sofofa president, Hermann Von Mühlenbrock, along with a hundred exporters, entrepreneurs and public authorities.

About Mónica Retamal

Mónica Retamal is journalist known for being a visionary woman in business. Mónica discovered early her destination for business. In 1998, for example, she realized that Chile and the world reinvented themselves thanks to the Internet. This led her to found InterMedia S.A. in an association, a company devoted exclusively to developing web pages.

Thus this remarkable entrepreneur has been around since the early days of the Internet in our country, serving as information architect and consultant in web projects. For years she has advised and managed the construction of websites, helping companies to define their online strategy and design of user interaction. In short terms, Monica takes advantage of all her knowledge in technology, strategy and management to deliver solutions that make a difference.

Then she discovered her vocation in the area and began to accumulate knowledge and experience. Today, she is leading three remarkable companies, including KI Teknology, getting involved in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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