Chiletec, the Association of Chilean Technology Companies, represents the IT industry with the objective of collaborating with the development of the country, and recently renewed its board of directors, where our General Manager Martin Lewit collaborates in his role of Vice President.

The association has work areas that range from Health and Government, through Cybersecurity, Banking, eCommerce and digitalization of SMEs to Internationalization. With the help of Chiletec, 7 trade missions abroad have been carried out through the sector brand Ch1l3 together with the support of ProChile, connecting more than 40 IT companies with the markets of Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States and China.

Thus, the new 2019 directive is composed of Francisco Mardones, our General Manager Martín Lewit, Raimundo Page, Ubaldo Taladríz, Andrés Cargill, Ignacio Parada and Felipe Mancini.