It is with great joy that we present a renewed image for Ki Teknology. We renew ourselves because we change, because we are growing, because we reinvented ourselves and because still true to our roots, we want to continue exploring and growing.

This reflects the team we are and the company we aspire to be. We took our time to achieve this new design, it is not easy to change something that has been part of our DNA for years. But the result evokes the expansion of ideas, such as when waves are created in the water when a drop falls into it. It is a reflection of growth, how all ideas can grow, in our case, in the hands of technology, creativity and innovation and as part of a global technology group that supports us.


That same need to grow and expand the borders is present in our logo, in the lines of the figure that encompasses the name of Ki, so that we are in constant movement and expansion. Together we want to grow and expand our borders, because together we tell our story and build our future.