Here, we present four e-commerce strategies that can attract consumers and increase sales:

1. The mobile is unstoppable: companies should have an easy mobile application to navigate and highly optimized, providing an intuitive and compelling mobile Web experience.

2. Desktop devices: the older computers are still a powerhouse, even though the mobile is the new frontier for digital advertising. In most businesses and organizations, desktop computers are the working tool for employees.

3. All devices are important: a person can start browsing for a product in your phone, then move to a tablet to make a more thorough investigation, but may end up making the purchase in your notebook. Therefore, in the purchase, all devices are important.

4. One must know how to measure the scope: how many people saw an ad, it can be easily measured in the digital world. But calculate which ads result in sales, and through which devices, is complex. Looking ahead, the attribution is making great progress in understanding how online ads are impacting offline transactions, that is something that advertisers must also be well prepared to measure.