Once a year, in Ki we meet in an instance where we can all share our diverse knowledge with the rest of the team.

The themes are always varied (innovation, design, processes, software, work environment, market-industry, yoga class, healthy snacks, etc.), and the idea is to have the participation of the entire team. In addition, we usually have the participation of some external exhibitors.

This year, we have three sets of simultaneous talks between which the team decided which one to go to.

Our first talk set included three tracks: "Cloud Computing Platform" with Maikel Arcia of Nisum Latam, "Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020" by Sebastián Brant Martorell and "A more efficient Team with the use of Slack" with Bryan Millas .

Secondly we have Static Websites: what are they and why? "By Eduardo Cerda and" Mobile apps also need an architecture "by Gueorgui Obregon Obregon of Nisum Latam.

And finally we started with the Blockchain workshop of Sebastián Martínez, and Mindset Agile by Sergio Quiroga, both of Nisum Latam, and Advantages of the hybrid development, of José Montero.