In a recent study made in our country, it was determined that companies that develop in the field of technology are a stable labor market, with a good working environment and a high percentage of professionals. The research was conducted by the Department of Computer Science of Universidad de Chile, in collaboration with the companies Chiletec (ex GECHS).

he study is part of the Experimental Project Management for Software Improvement, GEMS, which aims to build, transfer and validate a management platform of software development projects, based on adaptive processes for the Chilean companies. The survey was applied to 71 companies, and factors such as age, number of workers, success rate of projects, working environment, tools and processes were analyzed, among others.

The survey also revealed other outcomes such as female participation, which remains low in technology companies; between the number of workers (no more than 50 persons), the average age of programmers varies between 25 and 35 years; and finally, that technology companies have a low turnover, which does not exceed 23%.