In the fifth edition of the Ericsson Annual Report on Trends (NASDAQ: ERIC) ConsumerLab unveiled the 10 most popular consumer trends for 2016 and future:

1. Four out of five people experience an increase in benefits for using online services, as more people use them.

2. Teenagers consume more video content on YouTube daily than other age groups.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) replaces the era of the screen. AI allows interaction with objects without the need of a screen smartphone.

4. Consumers want the virtual technology for everyday activities like watching sports and making video calls.

5. 55% of smartphone owners in the world believe that the bricks used to build housing may include sensors that monitor mold problems, leaks and electricity over the next five years. The concept of smart homes will have to be reviewed since its foundation.

6. Travelers want to use their time more productively and not feel as passive objects during the time spent in transit.

7. Social media can become the preferred way to contact emergency services.

8. Eight out of ten consumers globally would like to use technology to improve their sensory perceptions and cognitive abilities such as vision, hearing and memory.

9. Most smartphone users think that hackers and viruses will remain a problem.

10. Consumers are sharing more information than ever and believe it increases their influence in society.