Ki 25 years - Our History

Chapter 21

Carlos and Laly reminisce about the early days of Ki's journey to date, the 25 years of achievements, gratification and joys. They highlight that Ki continues to grow with the same passion and energy that it has had over the last 25 years.

02 June 2021


Chapter 1

Marco Zúñiga

Chapter 2

Jorge Moya

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Alex Almonacid

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María Paz Urzúa

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Nicolás Shea

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Mónica Retamal

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Ernesto Lagos

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Paul Patirro

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Ana María Espinosa

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Mario Cayupán

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Matías Flores

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Claudio Zelada

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José Manuel Sotomayor

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Delia Laforet

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Imtiaz Mohammady

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Sebastián Brant y Claudio Fevre

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Tania Sutin

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Martín Lewit

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Arturo Mirol

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Guido Silva

Chapter 21

Carlos Lewit y Laly Schwartz