Some of our benefits

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we relax with an exercise sesión that helps us prevent getting sick.
  • On our birthday, we can have the afternoon off, and come in later the next day.
  • Everyone that wants to learn English can attend clases. It doesn’t matter if you know a lot, a Little or nothing at all. Everyone ends up speaking english.

Job offers

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Xamarin Developer
Xamarin Developer

Design - Xamarin Developer


Here you will find the position responsibilities, experience, skills and additional habilities that would be great for applicants to have. If interested, send your CV to [email protected]


  • Architect and develop mobile apps.
  • Have the trust and to jump on board in front the clients and work for solutions with them. 
  • Research and defend new technologies and methodologies.


  • Experience with Xamarin Mobile Development Platform.
  • Experience with Xamarin Development in Classic and Forms.
  • Expertise in coding C#, .NET.
  • Experience and understanding in consumption web services.
  • Experience in integrating back-end databases or transactional systems. 


  • Self-starter eager to learn new technologies
  • Enthusiastic about researching opportunities to grow and improve
  • their skills. 
  • Consulting abilities: experience working with clients and understanding of the relationship with clients.
  • Excellent Communicator, willing to help a team member and support when it is needed by the team. 
  • Independent in their work, but willing to ask for help or orientation when needed. 

Experiencia that is not required but would be good for applicants to have:

  • Experience in developing Android and iOS natives. 
  • Development in AJAX, HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Experience with agile development methodologies.

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